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Get realtime Slack notifications in the workspace and channel of your choice with any new WordPress form submission.

Are you missing important form submissions? Potential leads sneaking in that needed attention yesterday? Critical reports or issues incoming via your WordPress forms that you can’t afford to miss? You need Slack for WordPress!

Never miss a critical form submission again!

Your business or organization depends on the information submitted to you via your WordPress forms. Many of those need you, your sales team, or your support staff’s attention the minute they come in. This is how you do it.

Lead notifications for your sales team in real-time

Industry research points to as many as half of potential customers going with the vendor that responds to their needs first. In a market where your competition is becoming better plugged-in around the clock every day, you can’t afford to make a prospective client wait. Be the first to respond, every time.

Slack for WordPress will notify your sales team and any other relevant member of your organization the moment a form is submitted.

Simple to configure and effortless to maintain, your Slack for WordPress integration is the best way to stay on top of every incoming lead in the very instant they reach out.

Get your attention on the matters that need them, now!

Offering support for your product or service via your WordPress forms? Have contractors in the field submitting reports that can not wait? Orders coming in from remote agents that need served now?

Slack for WordPress is invaluable for getting your team alerted in the moment. For anything that needs your attention the minute that it’s submitted, this add-on is your go-to tool. Lower your response time to minutes, not hours!

Slack for WordPress is easy to configure, effortless to maintain for any form

Slack for WordPress is as close to activate-and-go as it gets. Simply install and activate the plugin, then add a Slack action to any form on your website. Configure how the app reports into your Slack channel of choice, and customize a message for it.

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