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Adning Advertising – Professional The Simplest yet most Advanced WordPress Advertising Manager!

The “Adning” (formerly WP PRO Advertising System) WordPress plugin focuses on easy banner managing for any WordPress site. It comes bundled with extremely easy to use features that will make your work so much more pleasant!

The best part about this WordPress ad manager is that it is ultra-simple, yet very useful and effective. By combining all aspects of advertising, it can also help save you a lot of time, which you can spend adding content or doing other productive tasks! You can create profiles for your advertisers, giving you a clean overview of everything that’s going on. You can manage and create campaigns for each individual advertiser. You can also manage the ads themselves, and choose whether you want banner ads or text ads. You can also manage adzones, and choose where on your website that you want to place each advertisement.

Lastly, Adning lets you track and monitor all your advertisement data. This plugin will automatically collect data about impressions and clicks, and will also calculate a CTR (click-thru ratio) for each advertisement. This allows both you and your advertisers to monitor the performance of each individual ad, and adjust accordingly.


  • Create, Manage and Display Unlimited ADS.
  • Auto Positioning & Display Filters
  • Ads rotation with modern transition effects
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Create Floating Content and Notification Bars
  • ADS for All Custom Post Types
  • Special Google AdSense Support
  • HTML5 Banner Support
  • Sell AD Spots – WooCommerce Integration
  • Mobile/Device Detection – 100% Responsive
  • Use page builders like Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Elementor to create banners
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support

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