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AWeber For Ninja Forms let you build your lists faster with easy to design, professional quality WordPress signup forms.

Built for time-strapped content creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, AWeber offers fully automated email marketing, fast. If your WordPress to AWeber integration isn’t at least as efficient as their service, you’re bottlenecking your productivity and wasting valuable time!

  • Are you still manually moving newsletter signup data you’ve collected from WordPress into AWeber?
  • Struggling to find a good way to link WordPress with your account?
  • Need an upgrade to the limited design or functionality of your current integration?

Don’t settle for limited integrations or time consuming, needless manual transfers of user data. With the right WordPress forms solution, you can begin building beautiful, fully customizable, and fully automated signup forms today!

Link WordPress to AWeber in a single step

With your Ninja Forms extension installed and activated, connecting your WordPress forms to your account is a breeze.

Simply click a link in your WordPress dashboard to receive your authorization code. Paste that code back into your dashboard, and you’re set.

Integrating your WordPress site with your account is painless, fast, and friendly. Just like it should be.

Turn any of your forms into an AWeber signup form in minutes

All it takes to turn any of your WordPress forms into a signup form is adding the new AWeber action to the form. It’s literally as easy as clicking a button!

With the action added, you can select which list you want the user data sent into. Your action will then display the fields within your account for that list. Easily pair your WordPress forms fields with your list fields with the click of a button.

AWeber supports collecting an IP Address, Miscellaneous notes, Ad Tracking, and custom account fields.

Easily customize your new signup forms, add an opt-in, pass custom data into your account, and more!

Have custom fields you’ve set up within your account? Collecting data for these fields and passing it into your account is no more complicated than collecting name and email. Custom list fields will appear right alongside the standard fields in your AWeber action. It’s as easy as selecting your list, and there they are. You can even add tags from within the action!

Need to make signup optional in a form? No problem. Activating the add-on brings with it a new form field, AWeber Optin. Simply place this on any form to make signup optional on any of your WordPress forms.

What are you waiting on? Cut back on needless administrative overhead with this complete WordPress to AWeber integration today!

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