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Last Update:May 16, 2024
Last update:May 13, 2024

GPT AI Power Pro Plugin

GPT AI Power Pro Plugin is the most powerful WordPress ChatGPT plugin, leveraging GPT-4 by OpenAI, to generate high-quality high-quality customizable content, images, and forms. Other features include Chat bots, Pexels, WooCommerce integration, Speech-to-Post, and Model Comparison Tool.

GPT AI Power Pro is a comprehensive WordPress AI plugin that uses advanced technologies like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and DaVinci to generate customizable content, images, forms, and more. Its features include an AI-powered Content Writer, Image Generator, ChatGPT for chatbot creation, WooCommerce integration, Embeddings, and more. With GPT AI Power, you can optimize your content for search engines, experiment with GPT models using the Playground, and take advantage of its support for 40 languages.

GPT AI Power : Your All-in-One AI Solution for WordPress

Experience the power of advanced natural language processing technology with GPT AI Power Premium. From content generation to custom chat bots, our plugin offers a range of features to enhance your WordPress site.

  • Easy to Setup​
    Setting up GPT AI Power Pro is simple and easy. All you need to do is enter your OpenAI API key on the plugin settings page and you’re ready to use all of the features.Once your API key is entered, you can start generating content, using the title suggestion tool, converting audio to text, utilizing the semantic search feature, and comparing different GPT models. No complicated installation process or technical knowledge is required.
  • Clean, & Simple User Interface
    GPT AI Power offers you a clean and simple user interface that allows you to access all the functions of the WordPress plugin from a single control panel.The minimalistic design ensures that users can quickly locate the options they need without being overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter. The interface also features helpful tooltips and clear labels to guide users through the plugin’s functionalities.
  • Get Excellent Assistance with Our AI Chatbot, Lisa.
    Our ChatGPT-powered chatbot, Lisa, offers exceptional support to our users. Whether you have questions or issues, Lisa is always ready to assist you with her smart and friendly nature.Lisa can answer your queries, provide tips and suggestions, and guide you through the plugin features. Lisa is easily accessible from the chat widget on our website, making it convenient for you to get the support you need.

GPT AI Power Pro Plugin : Core Features

* Content Writer
* Auto Content Writer (Bulk)
* Image Generator (DALL-E and Stable Diffusion 🚀🚀🚀)
* ChatGPT – Fully customizable chat widget and chat bot with Chat logs and long term external memory.
* PDF Chat
* WooCommerce Product Writer
* AI Assistant (Integrated with Gutenberg and Classic Editor)
* AI Training
* Fine-Tuner
* Dataset Converter
* Audio Converter
* Embeddings! Customize your chat bot with embeddings – Integrated with Pinecone vector DB.
* Index builder for Embeddings! Convert all your pages, posts and products to embedding format with one click.
* Content Builder, you can build FAQ and Knowledgebase.
* PromptBase – hundreds of ready to use prompts
* AI Forms – Design your own forms and embed them into your website
* Playground
* SEO Optimizer
* Title suggestion tool for posts, pages and products.
* GPT powered semantic search with Embeddings
* Pexels integration
* Scheduled Posts
* Speech-to-Post (Whisper)
* Text-to-Speech (ElevenLabs)
* Text-to-Speech (Google)
* Model Comparison Tool
* Role Manager
* Token Sale
* Comment Replier
* Twitter bot
* 40 langauge support

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Item Price


Join the club and get access to all Plugins & Themes
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Exact Same Files and 100% Original !

Item Information

Last Update:May 16, 2024
Last update:May 13, 2024

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