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Last Update:July 4, 2024
Last update:July 2, 2024

JetElements – Widget Addon for Elementor Page Builder

JetElements Plugin is a set of widgets and modules that can be added to the Elementor page builder to enhance its functionality. It’s developed by the team at Crocoblock, a company that specializes in creating add-ons and extensions for Elementor. JetElements includes over 50 widgets and modules, which cover a wide range of design and functionality needs.

Benefits of JetElements Plugin

  1. User-Friendly: JetElements Add-on is designed to be easy to use, even for beginners. The widgets and modules are well organized and labeled, making it easy to find the one you need. The settings and options for each widget are also intuitive and straightforward.
  2. Customizability: JetElements Plugin provides a wide range of customization options for each widget and module, including font styles, colors, sizes, and spacing. You can also adjust the settings for animations, transitions, and other effects to create engaging and dynamic content.
  3. Regular updates: The developers of JetElements are actively working to improve and expand the add-on. They regularly release updates that include new widgets, modules, and features, as well as bug fixes and security updates.
  4. Affordable: JetElements is a very affordable add-on compared to similar tools on the market. It’s available as part of Crocoblock’s JetPlugins subscription, which gives you access to all of their Elementor add-ons for a reasonable yearly fee.

JetElements widgets to organize images

Showcase portfolios, pictures, photos, or Instagram feed with the following widgets:

  • Advanced Carousel — organize the images in a slideshow, provide easy navigation (like dots and arrows), add versatile animations, and customize backgrounds and typography
  • Slider — in case you need to highlight some product or blog article on the homepage, or liven up the hero image in any way, use Slider widget. It also has various navigation options and content and style settings.
  • Images Layout — this module helps to organize the images in clear-cut layouts, such as Masonry, Justify or List. Create nice galleries and insert them in your blog or wherever you want.
  • Portfolio — this widget allows you to organize your work experience in the best form by creating a well-structured portfolio.
  • Image Comparison — create slides to show contrasts, present comparisons, demonstrate “Before/After” ideas.
  • Instagram — insert Instagram feed on your website, style it accordingly and show with captions and meta information.
  • Banner — incorporate custom banners with important information and ads. Style everything, add animations, customize content and background.
  • Inline SVG — display logos, images, buttons, pictures, maps, etc. in SVG format.

JetElements widgets for visual effects

  • Animated box — add interactive info block, putting the details on boths sides that switch.
  • Animated text — deliver the ideas you want to highlight in the form of animated text, which is easily customizable.
  • Scroll navigation — organize the required content, apply multiple style and content settings, and use scroll navigation to keep everything within the first screen.
  • Headline — find everything you might need for creating stunning headlines and decorate the pages.
  • Dropbar — display the content compactly and simplify the webpage’s design.
  • Countdown timer — insert a timer with a countdown, which is a powerful lead generation tool.

JetElements widgets for WooCommerce

The following WooCommerce widgets are self-explanatory; each of them improves the shopping experience. Put the required blocks on your online store pages and increase customer retention:

  • WooCommerce Recent Products
  • WooCommerce Featured Products
  • WooCommerce Sale Products
  • WooCommerce Bestsellers
  • WooCommerce Top Products
  • WooCommerce Products

JetElements widgets for presenting business

  • Services — add a block to present the services your business offers. Edit title, description, and play with the settings.
  • Price List — showcase the pricing details about your products and services.
  • Pricing Table — organize pricing information in the pricing table, revealing all features and numbers.
  • Testimonials — add a block with the clients’ testimonials to increase your business’ trustworthiness.
  • Team Member — tell everything about the people working in your team. Introduce them using nice effects, e.g., GIFs that will highlight their individuality.
  • Logo showcase — show brand logo in the classiest way.

JetElements widgets to organize numerical data

  • Table — build a table, customize rows and columns, and put any content there.
  • Pie/Bar Chart — output details and numbers in a circular and bar graphs to show numerical proportions.
  • Progress Bar — add animated progress bar to display progress values on a particular webpage.
  • Circle Progress — demonstrate progress in a form of circle with animation and classic/gradient background fill.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Timeline — display chronological order and add content, images, icons, etc.

JetElements widgets for more purposes

  • Posts — use this multipurpose tool to create grids and sort posts by the conditions you set.
  • Button/Download button — insert buttons with custom text, links, and icons, apply ice hover effects and allow the site visitors to download files.
  • Advanced Map — display Google Map on your website with markers and popups containing necessary information.
  • Subscribe form — enjoy flawless MailChimp integration and gather the visitors’ emails in a convenient way.
  • Contact Form 7 — build and display existing forms you designed with the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Weather widget — place weather information on any page, fine-tune the widget, using multiple styling options.
  • Audio/Video Player widget — these tools allow you to embed mp3 audios and videos from YouTube and Vimeo into your website.

JetElements Plugin Features You Will Like

You’ve already learned how to boost your Elementor website with JetElements widgets. Yet, this plugin has something to impress you more. Let’s look at some of the most remarkable features:

  • Pre-designed home page layouts
  • RTL support & multilingual options
  • Contact Form 7 module
  • WooCommerce widgets
  • Extended knowledge base and 24/7 support
  • Modules flexibility
  • Wide integrations
  • Displaying dynamic content

Pre-designed home page layouts and blocks

JetElements WordPress plugin comes with ready-made templates, in case you need something to start with and not to be bothered about creating layouts. All templates are highly customizable, so you can set up your home page or Contact us page in a blink of an eye.

All those pre-made templates cover different topics, like photography, beauty services, real estate, business, photography, etc. Here you can also find the pre-designed blocks, configure them and disable them according to your needs.

RTL support & multilingual options

RTL support guarantees that anyone, regardless of the language, can use and create content independently. Yet, note that at the moment, only the right-to-left text direction languages are supported. Apart from that, JetElements plugin  is compatible with WPML, which simplifies the process of creating the content in your native language even more.

Contact Form 7 module

The Contact Form 7 module included in JetElements WordPress plugin offers a super easy process of designing a contact form and incorporating it on your website.

Modules flexibility

JetElements plugin allows you to enable or disable all widgets you don’t need in the Dashboard. Also, you can close everything but JetElements to make your interface more focused and simple.

JetElements Plugin Integrations

JetElements WordPress plugin supports integrations with Google Maps, MailChimp, and Instagram.

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Item Information

Last Update:July 4, 2024
Last update:July 2, 2024

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