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Last Update:May 12, 2024
Last update:May 2, 2024

JetEngine – Adding & Editing Dynamic Content with Elementor

JetEngine plugin provides everything for adding & editing dynamic content with Elementor. JetEngine allows to use the ability to design with Elementor together with the dynamic content flexibility in one powerful solution for creating new post types, taxonomies & custom fields without any programming experience.

1- Special Widgets for Dynamic Content.

Use powerful widgets made for displaying dynamic content in Elementor to create even more spectacular content.

  • Dynamic field
    Display the meta content or regular dynamic content from the defined source and customize its appearance using versatile style settings.
  • Dynamic image
    This widget is made specially for displaying dynamic featured images for the created custom post type or taxonomy templates and customizing its appearance.
  • Dynamic repeater
    Enjoy the power to display dynamic repeaters set for the custom post types and taxonomies using the defined source, a bit of coding and vast opportunities for customization.
  • Dynamic link
    It is astonishing how easy one can add links to the post or taxonomy templates to display them for any custom post or taxonomy with Dynamic Link widget.
  • Dynamic terms
    The best way for showcasing dynamic taxonomies added to any posts or pages when creating a template with Elementor is using Dynamic Terms widget, specifically cut for these purposes.
  • Dynamic meta
    Display the publication date, information about the author, the number of comments by adding Dynamic Meta widget to the template.

2- Stylish Layouts to Organize Content.

JetEngine plugin allows to choose the most suitable layout type for custom posts or taxonomies to organize dynamic content in an appealing way.

  • Listing grid
    Wield the power to create the dynamic listing and grid layouts for displaying custom posts and taxonomies using the set templates.
  • Listing masonry
    Use the stylish masonry listing layout to showcase the custom posts or taxonomies in the most appealing way and customize the columns number.
  • Listing justify
    Choose justify layout for the listing template to show all the custom posts and taxonomies in the artful form that can be easily customized.

3- Create Event Templates & Use Stylish JetEngine Dynamic Calendar to Assign Them to Dates

With JetEngine Calendar functionality you can easily create any dynamic template you want and use it for the events to display them for each date.

  • Events Query Functionality
    Use the complex query parameters, including the date query, meta query, and taxonomy query types, to show those events that fit in.
  • Multiple Events per One Date
    Add one or several events to the specific date to let the visitors know about the schedule you’ve created.
  • Event Images, Icons and Links
    Add any content you need to the event templates shown inside the Calendar, from icons to date, time markers, links, imagery and QR codes.
  • 4 High-end Calendar Presets
    Select one of the 4 available Calendar presets to apply for the dynamic Calendar widget, to make the Calendar widget look fantastic.
  • Dynamic Event Templates
    Use the dynamic JetEngine widgets to create the templates for your events and use them inside the calendar.
  • Lots of Style Settings
    Change the Calendar background, typography, apply the custom style for navigation arrows, weeks and days.

4- Grow Your Business with Dynamic Booking Functionality at Hand

Create dynamic Booking Forms with all kinds of fields, from checkboxes to date pickets and text areas, to let the visitors book items directly from your site.

  • 10 Field Types
    Mix and match any field types you want, set them as required, and use both manual input and dynamic content to build the form you need.
  • Booking Form Widget
    Embed a booking form to any Elementor-built template, and customize its layout to your liking. Use ultra-fast AJAX method or traditional reload.
  • Calculated Content
    Use hidden fields and add formulas for the field values to calculate the total value of the service automatically within the booking form.
  • Smart Notifications
    Add the submitted information to the email notifications, or display the results in the meta fields on Elementor-bulit page templates.

4- Key Features of JetEngine.

  • Perfect for creating custom post types
    Create your own post types, such as Services, Projects and Team Members with all the necessary attributes
  • Makes adding custom fields extra easy
    Add custom fields for different purposes as easy as 1-2-3 and display them in templates whenever there is a need.
  • Brings creating custom taxonomies to a new level
    Set the categories, tags or your own taxonomy types for the custom post types in order to be able to query custom post types.
  • Great when working with archives
    In the case you have Elementor PRO JetEngine allows to work with archive templates.
  • Allows to create and customize post type templates
    With a set of special widgets made for displaying dynamic content you’ll be able to create post type templates and apply them for all posts.
  • Invaluable asset in creating custom taxonomy templates
    Use JetEngine to create taxonomy templates with special widgets for Elementor and apply them for all the custom taxonomies.
  • Provides opportunity to create listing & grid layouts
    JetEngine is invaluable when it comes to creating grid and listing with dynamic content using Elementor.
  • Requires no programming skills
    Thanks to JetEngine being a non-developer will never stop you from working on even the most complicated projects with dynamic content.

5- Explore Dynamic Features

  • Dynamic function
    Calculate the field values dynamically and showcase the total, average, min/max values on the page.
  • Dynamic tag
    Pull data from meta fields and use widgets to show the posts count, average review rating, booking item pricing, etc.
  • Shortcode
    Generate shortcodes to output JetEngine-related data anywhere in the website content.
  • Conditional logic
    Set the dynamic visibility rules to show/hide specific meta fields on the frontend.
  • Macro
    Call certain functions and display queried data in the listing grid, map listings & advanced calendar.

6- Data Store, Glossary and Dynamic Visibility

  • Glossary
    Ability to create a set of metadata and use it as a source for options in a CPT, form, and filter.
  • Data store
    A personal data repository for every end-user storing post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.
  • Dynamic visibility
    Set visibility restrictions for the web page elements based on meta field values, user data, and other rules.

7- Users, Terms, and Posts Relationships

Connect different WordPress data and query related items
Interrelate different CPT and CCT posts, taxonomy items, and users in one place. Choose from three relations types: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many.

  • Create hierarchical posts relations
  • Assign a relation to the items via form
  • Add and display the relations’ custom meta fields
  • Filter posts by their related items
  • Sort items by dynamic macros in the Query Builder
  • Add and edit related items directly in the post editing area

8- Query Builder – Consistent Approach to the Database

One interfacefor all query types
Сreate complex custom query lists that can be combined on the backend and used to query any data, sections, and filters on the front-end.

Select data from custom tables and combine it into one selection. Show & hide items, columns, and sections provided that the request is/is not empty.
Data you can query:

  • CPT & CCT items
  • Terms
  • Users
  • Comments
  • SQL tables
  • WooCommerce products

9- Tables Builder & Charts Builder

Structure your data in a catalogued way
Create both simple and complex dynamic data tables showcasing anything from the Members directory & Residences database to the eBook archives.

  • Display CPT & CCT items, Terms, Users & Comments
  • Showcase WooCommerce products
  • Enable horizontal scroll for massive tables
  • Preview tables from the Dashboard
  • Output SQL table data & REST API content
  • Add smart filters to finished tables

Visualization tool for dynamic content
Present statistics or analytical data as charts by outputting numeric values. Pick the needed chart type from 12 available or add one yourself with JSON code.

  • Embed Google Charts through custom JSON code
  • Display data from CCT items, Terms, Users, Comments, SQL tables
  • Output the sorted data & REST API content
  • Preview charts from the Dashboard
  • Add the chart legend & stacked chart elements
  • Add smart filters to finished charts

10- Profile Builder – Power Beyond Imaginary

  • Dynamic user profile
    Build a user-editable profile with a flexible number of account pages. Customize the templates and JetEngine listings, set different privacy settings for user account pages, etc.
  • Profile Menu widget
    Embed the Profile Menu widget to a user account page template and decide between the ultra-fast AJAX or reload method.
  • Frontend posts submission
    Enable registered users to add new posts to the website through simple, understandable, and convenient forms.
  • Dynamic Visibility module
    You can set visibility conditions for the site content and define which pages will be visible to which User Roles.

11- REST API – Enhanced Control Over Big Data with RESTful API

  • REST API Endpoint management
    Register custom entry points that allow you to get, create, as well as delete any Custom Content Type items on the website remotely.
  • REST API Listings
    Query the CCT items data through a third-party entry point and display them as a usual Listing Grid on the needed website.
  • REST API Notifications
    Integrate JetEngine Forms and literally any API directly and get the opportunity to send the submitted form data to the specified Endpoint URL.
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Item Information

Last Update:May 12, 2024
Last update:May 2, 2024

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