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NextGen – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

NextGen – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is an all in one solution to manage your stores “Pricing and Discounts”. You can manage your stores “Discounts & Pricing” dynamically with all the ease. To get started you just need to create simple rules which describe your “Discounts and Pricing” and That’s it!!.
NextGen – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is designed to organize your store’s discount and pricing with Ease & Elegance. We have defined the below three features:

  • Product Pricing and Discounts
  • Cart Discounts
  • Checkout Fees


Not just discounting price, plugin also adds more value to shop with below special feature.

  • Fully customizable Discount Slider
  • Discount shortcodes
  • Displaying offers in Shop and Product pages
  • Discount rule priority
  • Advance Ajax UI for defining unlimited rules

Product Pricing and Discounts
In Product Pricing and Discounts, you can adjust the discounts across all or the selected products in your store. You can adjust the “Global Conditions”, to add the discounts to all products in your store irrespective of range. You Can add in conditions like Discounts based in $, Discounts based in % or total discount limit. These comes in handy if you apply discounts to a wide range of products. You can even self customize rules based on your business interests. With “Woo Discounts” you can customize your product to handle discounts like.


With “Woo Discounts” you can even add conditions for each rule you define using the above scenarios. You can define conditions on

  • Cart Item Quantity
  • Purchase Quantity History
  • Purchased Value History
  • Customer Value
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Address
  • Cart
  • User Profile
  • Date and Time
  • Mega Rules

Item support includes:
However, item support does not include:

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