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UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus Premium is the best WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin, it helps you to backup your website, migrate your website to another WordPress website and it can even clone your WordPress website, overall if you are concerned about making your WordPress website highly secure then it’s a must have plugin.

UpdraftPlus Premium Main Features:

  • Supports both manual and automated backups
  • Backs up files and databases on separate schedules
  • Reports time of next scheduled backup
  • Routinely prunes the number of old backups kept
  • Automatically backs up when plugins or dashboard themes update and before WordPress core updates run
  • More remote storage options than any other WordPress backup plugin
  • Supports cloud backup to Amazon S3
  • Supports cloud backup to Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Supports cloud backup to Dropbox
  • Supports cloud backup to Google Drive
  • Supports cloud backup to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Supports cloud backup to Google Cloud Storage
  • Supports cloud backup to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • Supports cloud backup to Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Supports cloud backup to FTP servers
  • Supports cloud backup to WebDAV servers
  • Supports backup by email
  • Supports backup to multiple destinations
  • Database backups can be encrypted for security
  • Encrypted transport to cloud storage
  • All backup operations are thoroughly logged.
  • Display status of backups in progress in WordPress admin panel, along with any errors or warnings.
  • Conveniently backs up each WordPress entity (database, plugins, themes, uploaded content and “other” content) in a separate file, all from WordPress control panel.
  • Databases can be decrypted within WordPress control panel via drag-and-drop.
  • Search and replace migrates site database upon import
  • Restores backed-up entities from console with one-click access
  • Imports and restores from backups made by other backup plugins
  • Compatible with WordPress Network / Multisite installs

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