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Last Update:January 24, 2024
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WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program plugin is one of the best marketing methods for online stores as marketers can use their existing customers’ recommendations and word of mouth for product promotion. Referral systems work so well because people trust the product recommendations and suggestions of their friends or family over any form of advertising.
Also, it helps online stores to earn loyal customers, improve customer engagement and increase sales.

So, if you are looking for a Referral system for your WooCommerce and aiming to utilize your customer base to increase engagement and boost conversation rate, then we have the Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce. The coupon referral program set up by our plugin rewards the referrer and referred customers with discount coupons when they complete the required actions. I.e. Discount coupons are offered on sharing the referral links, signup, and sales through referrals.

WooCommerce Coupon Referral Plugin enables customers to share the referral link on social networking sites and through emails. Admin can customize the referral button accordingly using the predefined options or by applying custom CSS.
Here is a list of amazing features of the Coupon Referral Program For WooCommerce plugin:

  • Provide referral discount coupons to referrers when their knowns purchase from your WooCommerce store.
  • Provide sign-up discount coupons to all types of customers.
  • Specify the order number up to which referrers can earn a referral coupon (a share from the total purchase amount of referred) when their knowns buy anything from your WooCommerce store.
  • Store owners can add a pop-up image and animation over the referral discount coupon.
  • Admin can specify coupon types for both referrers and referred customers.
  • Set an expiration time on discount coupons.
  • Allow sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
  • Customize your referral coupon and the pop-up button to match your brand theme.
  • Use the shortcode [crp_popup_button] on the pages you want to show the referral button.
  • Acquire a detailed coupon report.
  • Choose to provide points instead of coupons as this WooCommerce extension is fully compatible with WooCommerce Points & Rewards.
  • Allow your customers to use their coupons (earned by referring) to pay their subscription bills.
  • Admin can select the products that they want to include or exclude products from the coupon referral program.
  • Admin can decide the minimum and maximum amount spent on which customers will be able to redeem their referral discount coupons.
  • Admin can give customers (referrers) a referral code to share and reward them if their knowns use the referral coupon code while purchasing products.

Benefits Of Best Referral Coupon Program

  1. It builds a loyal customer base.
  2. Elevates engagement in your online store.
  3. It generates more loyal customers.
  4. Enhances Brand Awareness.
  5. Betters customers’ journey and their lifetime value.
  6. It provides the option to share the referral link on Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  7. Encourages and promotes the practice of referral programs.
  8. Increases overall revenue growth.

Why Use Coupon Referral Program?

1. Provide Sign-Up & Referral Coupon:
Provide sign-up discount coupons to all or only to referred users when they register on your store. Or set criteria for earning the sign-up coupon i.e. your referrers can earn a discount coupon only if their friends sign-up at your store.
Reward your referrers and turn them into repeat customers by providing referral discount coupons until the referred users reach the total number of orders up to which referrers can earn the referral discount coupon.

2. Decide The Discount Amount You Want To Provide:
Specify the coupon amount you want to provide on sign-up and referral purchase.

3. Set The Days To Remember The Referrer:
Enter the number of days after which referred users can’t be rewarded in your WooCommerce store.

4. Coupon Type:
Decide the coupon type you want to provide on sign-up and referral purchase.

5. Referral Link Sharing
It generates a referral link that can be easily shared on social platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) and email inboxes.

6. Customizable Referral Button
Apply animation and custom CSS to make the referral button look more captivating. It can also be customized using the predefined option present in the Display Configuration (i.e. button text, color, position, and background image of the button that will be visible to guest users.)

7. Coupon Reporting
Coupon Reporting can be performed from the admin and customer end to acquire coupon information. Through Coupon Reporting, it’s easy to analyze coupon utilization and its effectiveness for users. Businesses can further use this report to better strategize their promotional strategies.

Admin Panel Coupon ReportingCustomer Panel Coupon Reporting
Admin can acquire complete and accurate information regarding referral coupons by clicking “Reports” visible on the admin panel. He can easily monitor details like User Name, User Email, Number of Referred Users, Total Coupon Utilization, and the Total Number of Coupons the customer may endure in his account. It will be easy to find your loyal customers as it’ll let you know who has referred to how many users and the number of coupons they have used for their shopping.Coupon insights can be executed at a broad level by the User with a single click on “Referral Coupons”. Fine details like Coupon Creation, Expiry Date, Event, and Referred Users can be presented on a single dashboard to Users. Adding to this, customers can perform coupon reporting by analyzing the total number of coupons they endure, how much coupon amount they have already utilized, and the number of users they have referred from their accounts.

8. Coupon Expiration Time:
Enter the days after which no one can use their rewarded coupon. Set ‘0’ if you want your coupon to be redeemable forever. [Note- The referral link can be used even after the inserted date has gone but the referred won’t get any discount coupon for the same.]

9. Offer Points to All:
Enable points setting from the backend to leverage points instead of coupons in your referral marketing campaign.

10. Pay Recurring Payments using Coupons:
Subscribers can use the coupons earned by referring others to renew their subscription plans.

11. Include/Exclude Products In Coupon Referral Program
Select the products on which the customers will get to earn discount coupons or points and also select the products that you want to exclude from your coupon referral program.

12. Maximum and Minimum Amount For Coupon Use:
Admin can decide the minimum and maximum amount spent on which customers will be able to redeem their referral discount coupons. The customers’ cart subtotal should be in between the maximum and minimum spend value for the discount coupon to be applicable.

13. Referral via coupon code:
Admin can allow customers(referrers) to referrer via referral code and reward referrers if their knowns use the referral coupon code for purchasing products.

Some More Popular Features

  • Select Pages Where Referral Button Can Appear:
    The referral button can appear on multiple pages. You only need to select the pages where you want to display the button. You can also use the shortcode [crp_popup_button] for the same.
  • General Coupon Setting:
    Store owners can specify coupon length and prefix.
  • Create Restriction on Coupon Usage:
    Individual use of discount coupons can be initiated which means the same coupon can’t be used in conjunction with other coupons. Moreover, the number of times the same coupon can be used can also be fixed.
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Last Update:January 24, 2024
Last update:January 22, 2024

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