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WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Group & Staff

Gain hight control over your vendors, stores and store managers with wcfm – groups & staffs. Set vendor categories, assign attributes or capabilities to them easily.
Categorize your Store Vendors and assign Capabilities as per their segment requirements. Additionally you will have support of Shop Managers and Staffs. Vendors will have their own Group of Staffs.
WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Groups & Staffs will going to give you the most easiest and smartest way to control over your store Vendors, Managers and Staffs. You will even categorize your store vendors and may assign them different set of features. In one word, WCFM Groups & Staffs will turn your Multi-Vendor Marketplace into Multi-Vendor-Type Marketplace.


This is a very basic requirement for any Multi-Vendor site to categorize their vendors and assign control as per their requirement. It also helps Vendors, as they will have a clean dashboard with only their components.


This is the most tough and painful job for a Store Admin – keep control over store users !!!
Now just relax, you have the most featured and easiest tool ever to control over your Store Users.
Different set of Capability Controller for Vendors, Shop Managers and Shop Staffs.
Even you will have Group and User specific Capability Controller as well.


Shop Staffs – again something very essential for a multi-vendor store, you have in mind for a long time but never had in practical.
WCFM Groups & Staffs will also give you that – is it not enough yet !!!
Your Vendors will have their own group of Staffs for only their Store and can set each Staff’s capability individually.


Store Admin’s needs some break right, but then who will run the Store?
Don’t worry, Shop Managers are there for you !!!
As usual you will have full control over their capabilities as well.

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