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Last Update:October 15, 2021
Last update:October 8, 2021

WooCommerce Smart Coupons

WooCommerce Smart Coupons has everything you need to grow sales and customers using discounts, coupons, credits, vouchers, product giveaways, offers and promotions. It’s the best-selling and most complete coupon management plugin for WooCommerce.
WooCommerce Smart Coupons is the most complete, most loved, best-supported, best-coded, best-selling credits, coupons, discounts, and vouchers plugin for WooCommerce

  • All the features: Keep reading to discover powerful features you’ll get with Smart Coupons. But it includes everything from selling store credits and gift cards, advanced coupon restrictions, automatic coupon issuance, free gift coupons, generating coupons in bulk, nice designs, quick management and a lot more.
  • Best-selling: Smart Coupons is an all-time best-selling plugin on WooCommerce. More than 15,000 customers rely on it to run their businesses.
  • Top rated: People love the plugin and leave five-star reviews. You’ll find real reviews from people like you as you scroll through this page.
  • High performance: Smart Coupons does not slow down your site or checkout process. Some of the largest WooCommerce stores use it, and you too can rely on its quality.
  • Easy to use: It’s super flexible, yet intuitive. Store admins and junior staff can easily run promotions using Smart Coupons – without needing developer assistance.
  • Genuine, Compatible, Regular Updates: You’re getting 100% genuine and original plugin when you buy today. Smart Coupons have been tested with popular other plugins and we keep improving it regularly. No risks here!

Most Popular Features

Smart Coupons is loaded with proven methods to run discounts and promotions automatically. Using it well will give you higher sales, repeat customers, and better customer loyalty.

  • Fixed Amount & Percentage Coupons
    Enhance core WooCommerce coupons with lots of advanced rules and options.
  • Bulk Generate and Send
    Let Smart Coupons generate hundreds of thousands of coupons for you – and add them to the store / export as a CSV / email all the recipients.
  • Free Shipping
    Give free shipping easily – even through store credits and fine-tune restriction rules.
  • Shareable / Social Media / URL Coupons
    Quickly generate links you can embed in emails or social media posts (or anywhere else) – with one or more coupons.
  • Coupon with Product Purchase
    Automatically generate and issue coupons/store credits/vouchers/discounts for future purchases when someone buys a product. Great to generate repeat sales!
  • Free Gift Coupons / Product Giveaway
    Automatically add products to cart when someone uses a coupon – along with discount of your choice.
  • Store Credits, Vouchers, and Gift Certificates
    CouponsStore Credits, Gift Vouchers, Account Funds, Gift Certificates – these are all essentially the same thing. You assign a monetary value credit to the customer. So they can make as many purchases as they want until the credit is exhausted or its validity expires. Credits are used instead of charging a card / PayPal.
  • Subscription / Recurring Coupons
    Give a recurring flat or percentage discount with subscriptions or use store credits towards renewal payments.
  • Customizable Designs
    Includes awesome responsive designs and color schemes. And you can customize the colors easily.
  • Advanced Coupon Usage Restrictions
    Restrict coupon usage by user role, minimum spend, products, product categories, emails, payment methods, shipping methods, expiry time, and more.
  • Time Sensitive Discounts, Seasonal Promotions
    Set coupons to expire at a specific date and time, limit maximum discount amount for percentage discounts, and run automatic seasonal promotions.
  • Embed Coupons / Shortcodes
    Show coupons anywhere – on cart, checkout, order confirmation page, a blog post or another page on site!
  • Location-based Coupons
    Restrict who can use a coupon by their billing or shipping location – country, state, city or zip code.
  • Custom Coupon Message
    Show a custom message when a coupon is applied to the cart – or when it’s emailed. Great way to show coupon terms as well as upsell offers.
  • Email Coupons
    Send coupons and credits via email – easy and automatic!
  • Import / Export Coupons
    Export and send coupons to someone else. Or import a CSV to bulk add coupons in WooCommerce.
  • One-Click Coupons
    Users don’t need to type coupon codes to use them. They can just click on a coupon in the list of available coupons and it will be applied in the background.
  • Easy Coupon Management & Classification
    Review, manage, search, and filter coupons easily from a single place. Categorize them for easy reference.
  • New User / First Order Coupons
    Reduce cart abandonment by offering the first-order discount to new users. Combine with any other restriction rules as well.

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Exact Same Files and 100% Original !

Item Information

Last Update:October 15, 2021
Last update:October 8, 2021

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