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Last Update:July 11, 2024
Last update:July 2, 2024

WooCommerce Waitlist

WooCommerce Waitlist plugin is the Perfect solution for Out-of-Stock products. Waitlist plugin allows customers to sign up to be notified by email when an out-of-stock product becomes available.

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that enables small and large businesses to sell products online. But, what happens when your popular products go out of stock? This can be frustrating for both customers and business owners, as it results in lost sales and unhappy customers.

Enter WooCommerce Waitlist – a powerful tool that helps businesses manage out-of-stock products. With this plugin, customers can sign up for a waitlist for a product that is currently out of stock. This way, when the product becomes available, the customers on the waitlist will be notified via email, giving them the first chance to purchase it.

Keep customers happy with back-in-stock notifications

Automatically notify customers when a product becomes available for purchase
The WooCommerce Waitlist extension lets you track demand for out-of-stock items, making sure your customers feel informed, and therefore more likely to buy.
Using a simple plugin, you can build up a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify these customers automatically when products come back in stock.
Set up in seconds
It’s really easy to install and will instantly start turning missed opportunities into future sales.
Customers register for an email alert to let them know when a product is back in stock, increasing the likelihood they’ll wait and shop with you instead of going to a competitor.
It makes people feel valued by your business, and allows you to replenish stock intelligently based on demand.

WooCommerce Waitlist Key features

  • allow customers to be notified when they can purchase an item that is currently out of stock
  • easily identify ‘most wanted’ products to prioritise re-stocking
  • allow customers to easily review and edit their waiting lists
  • maintain a record of users that have been emailed an in-stock notification
  • easily manage your waitlists from the WordPress admin
  • add the waitlist elements for any product anywhere you choose using our shortcode
  • plug-and-play functionality – just install, activate and go!

How it works
It takes seconds for customers to join a waiting list via a button on the product listing of your WooCommerce store.
As soon as you update your stock numbers on the site, everyone on the list automatically gets an email with a link to the product, making it super-simple for them to buy.
WooCommerce Waitlist plugin fully supports simple products, product variations and the children of grouped products.

See who’s waiting for what
With WooCommerce Waitlist, shop managers can sort products by number of customers on their waiting list. This allows them to quickly prioritize which products to re-stock.
Shop managers can also view, manage and contact those on the waiting list for each product directly from the Edit Product screen through a custom product tab.

Allow users to manage their own waiting lists
Users can view any products they have joined the waiting list for on the “Your Waitlists” tab on their “My Account” page. This allows users to conveniently manage all their waiting lists in one place.

Get it working your way
WooCommerce Waitlist plugin comes with plenty of options for you to get the most from the plugin, including the following:

  • options to display opt-in elements when users sign up to a waitlist
  • options to also display waitlist buttons on archive pages (e.g. the shop page/product category pages)
  • options to add google analytic tracking codes to WooCommerce Waitlist emails
  • options to email a site administrator when a customer joins a waitlist
  • options to set a minimum stock before WooCommerce Waitlist in-stock notifications are sent out
  • and more…

Extend and customize
The default setup is ‘plug and play’, but WooCommerce Waitlist adds a large number of WordPress action and filter hooks allowing you to customize it to suit your exact needs (See documentation for more information). Customizations include:

  • Choosing the wording for notification emails
  • Tweaking the design of ‘join waiting list’ buttons
  • Hooking in extra functionality when users are added to/removed from a waiting list
  • Altering the design of the “Your Waitlists” page added to the “My Account” section

In conclusion, the WooCommerce Waitlist is a must-have plugin for any business using WooCommerce. It helps businesses to manage out-of-stock products, increase customer satisfaction, better inventory management, increase sales, and provide a customizable waitlist email notification. So, if you’re running an e-commerce store, don’t wait any longer. Get the WooCommerce Waitlist today and take your business to the next level!

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Item Information

Last Update:July 11, 2024
Last update:July 2, 2024

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