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WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin allows to get a hidden area that only wholesale users can see, with wholesale registration, B2B discounts and quick order forms.


  • Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with their own pricing
  • Set global or category percentage discounts
  • Add wholesale prices for individual products


  • Allow wholesale buyers to register
  • Choose whether to hold new accounts for moderation or allow instant access
  • Add wholesale users manually or quickly convert existing customer accounts


  • Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin and get quick wholesale order forms
  • Bulk buying interface designed for wholesale
  • Maximizes your wholesale revenue

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro Main Features:

  • 3 Pricing Options
    Flexible wholesale pricing – set wholesale prices per role with global or category discounts, or product-specific prices.
  • Unlimited Wholesale Roles
    Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with its own unique wholesale discounts. Easily add users to each role.
  • Wholesale Registration
    Wholesale registration form, with customizable emails and moderation option for new accounts.
  • Product Visibility
    Create wholesale-only categories, public-only categories, or use the same products in your retail and wholesale stores.
  • Wholesale Order Forms
    Buy WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with WooCommerce Product Table and get purpose-built one-page order forms.
  • Keep Your Public Shop
    You can create a wholesale-only store, or run a private wholesale store alongside your existing public shop.

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