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Last Update:May 14, 2022
Last update:May 10, 2022

WP Cerber Security PRO

WP Cerber Security Pro brands itself as “Security, Antispam & Malware Scan”, which is a pretty good summary of how it protects your site. It defends WordPress against hacker attacks, spam, and malware.

WP Cerber Security Pro helps you implement a lot of the techniques you see in blog posts about WordPress security:

  • Protect from a variety of common attacks, including code injection, REST API and ordinary user enumerations, and more
  • Implement a web application firewall, called Traffic Inspector
  • Limit login attempts
  • Monitor login attempts
  • Create IP whitelists or blacklists to restrict access
  • Change your login page URL.
  • Use two-factor authentication, including options for controlling who has to use two-factor
  • Disable XML-RPC and REST API (optional – your site might actually need the API to function)
  • A special “Citadel mode” that helps protect you from brute force attacks by blocking login functionality

Then, you get a number of antispam features like:

  • Protect all forms on your site, including registration, login, lost password, WooCommerce checkout, etc.
  • Clean up spam comments
  • Add ReCaptcha
  • Create country-based anti-spam rules

Finally, you get the malware scanning. WP Cerber Security…

  • Verifies the integrity of the WordPress core, as well as your plugins and themes
  • Monitors for file changes, including an option to receive email notifications when files are changed
  • Runs automatic malware scans, including removal

The most sophisticated anti-spam solution for WordPress

Detects bots by using heuristic and content-based algorithms. Checks IP against a real-time database of IP addresses known for disseminating spam, phishing attacks and other forms of malicious activity.

  • Anti-spam for all forms on a website
  • Protects WooCommerce forms and check-out page
  • Protects registration, lost password and login forms
  • Country rules restrict form submissions by a set of GEO rules
  • Automatically cleans up spam comments

Malware scanner & integrity checker alerts you to any changes

Thoroughly scans every file and folder on your website for malware, trojans, and viruses. Automatically removes malware and viruses. Monitors new, changed, and suspicious files.

  • Automatic virus, trojan, and malware removal
  • Automatic WordPress file recovery
  • Scheduled scans on an hourly and daily basis
  • Scans all files, WordPress themes and plugins
  • Scans all folders for new and modified files
  • Emails alerts and reports when it’s needed
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Item Price


Join the club and get access to all Plugins & Themes
Join the club
Exact Same Files and 100% Original !

Item Information

Last Update:May 14, 2022
Last update:May 10, 2022

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