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YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Premium is a WooCommerce Extension developed by YITHEMES. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search allows users to search products in your shop/website, and it shows the search results in real time.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search allows users to search for products in your shop/website, and it shows the search results in real time.

The search bar is the most common and important tool for any type of website but it’s often not performing enough, it only shows a limited amount of products and it’s slow and hard to use.

Given that’s the landmark for all of the customers that are going to find themselves navigating through your website, you have to make sure you are offering a professional tool that actually helps the navigation, in order to quickly lead your customers towards the product they are after (research says users spend an average of 15 seconds on any website, so hurry up!)

Who works on designing websites knows it well: the most important studies in usability can teach many things about the effectiveness of a search form. In this case, “effectiveness” means the ability to turn a visitor — even a casual one — into a buyer, generating a purchase.

Let’s make an example: today five users will visit your site. Three of them will use the search form on the page, looking for a product. You only have seven seconds to give these users what they want, before they decide to leave your site and search somewhere else.

The features of a great search form are those that make all the catalogue products easy and quick to find, thanks to an immediate search that also allows using tags, categories, and product codes to look for a product.
Plus, great features are also those who transform the search in a marketing tool, letting you show a product preview that perfectly suits to users’ needs, or highlight particular discounts and promotions in the search results.

Researches on customers of online stores show that one of the main reasons that brings customers to abandon their cart before completing the purchase is the difficulty navigating through a website.


  • All features of the free version of YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search
  • Show filter for WooCommerce search fields
  • Show list of WooCommerce categories (main categories/all categories)
  • Extend search in WooCommerce product excerpt
  • Extend search in WooCommerce product content
  • Extend search in WooCommerce product categories
  • Extend search in WooCommerce product tags
  • Extend search also to WooCommerce product SKU
  • Extend SKU search including WooCommerce variable products
  • Show WooCommerce thumbnails in the list of search suggestions
  • Show WooCommerce product price in the list of search suggestions
  • Show WooCommerce sale badge (customization options available too)
  • Show WooCommerce featured badge (customization options available too)
  • Show excerpt of WooCommerce product (set the text to show as WooCommerce product excerpt)
  • Customize WooCommerce search loader .gif image

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