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Last Update:March 1, 2024
Last update:February 5, 2024

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin provide an easy way to give new prices and offers! It create dynamic offers to the customers by applying a discount percentage to the cart or implement price rules!
Make your shop dynamic and loyalize your customer with ad hoc promotions:
Create ad hoc promotions to catch your customers’ attention and loyalize them in the course of time: the only plugin that gives dynamism to your e-commerce and lets you increase the visits – and consequentially the sales – taking advantage of the marketing elementary principles. Discounts, special prices, promotions, bonuses, free products: with few clicks, you will make your shop a necessary step for whoever is looking for your products.
And on the web – where competition is stronger, as we know – what can you do to catch your potential customers’ attention, or to loyalize those who already know your e-commerce? How can you make your shop more dynamic and interesting to the eyes of the people who will “walk” in front of your virtual shop window? YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount plugin  brings your shop to life by allowing you to create special offers basing on the cart value, on the quantity or on specific products for which you can dynamically edit the prices, avoiding to create coupons and send them to your users.

Think about gifting a product to whoever purchase some selected items, or activate a promotion only for a small niche, or discounting with just one click all the products you have to empty your stock for end-of-season sales.

These are only some of the marketing actions you will be able to adopt to encourage your visitors in purchasing.
There are no limits but your own imagination: with just one plugin, you will be able to design an online shop where customers will want to come back seeking for news and interesting discounts. More visits, more sales: this will the secret of the success of your e-commerce.


Product discounts & offer rules

  • Create rules to manage special sales (3×2, 2×1, etc.)
  • Create rules to manage Buy One Get One (BOGO) sales
  • Discount or offer to get product A free with the purchase of product B
  • Offer a discount on 2nd unit of a purchased product
  • Set a fixed or % discount on all products of specific categories
  • Set a fixed or % discount on the whole shop
  • Create price rules to offer discounts based on product quantity
  • Show price & quantity tables (with the horizontal or vertical layout) with a quantity discount applied on product pages
  • Show dynamic notices on the product page to promote available discounts and offers
  • Promote a special offer in a modal window, when the user adds the product that triggers the discount rule, to cart
  • Apply rules to all products, specific products, or products belonging to specific categories/tags
  • Exclude products, categories, and tags from all discounts and offers through the Exclusion List
  • Choose whether to apply the rules to on-sale products or not
  • Choose whether to apply the discount or not if a coupon code is used
  • Schedule rules by setting up a start and end date
  • Choose the users who can benefit from the discount: all or only specific users/user roles
  • Enable discount only for members (integration with our Membership plugin)
  • Exclude users or user roles from a discount rule
  • Set the price format to show on the product page
  • Choose how to show discounted prices on the Shop page

Cart discounts & gift product

  • Create discount rules to apply to the cart total when the amount exceeds a specific threshold
  • Create cart discount rules to apply only if a defined quantity of products (globally or by specific product) has been added to the cart
  • Create cart discount rules to apply only to specific users or user roles
  • Create cart discount rules to apply only if the user placed at least XX orders or spent a specific total amount with previous purchases in your shop
  • Exclude some products, categories, tags, or on-sale products, so that none of the cart rules you’ve set up will apply to them
  • Apply the discount to the cart including or excluding taxes
  • Enable free shipping on WooCommerce cart rule
  • Offer one or more gift items based on products in the cart or on a minimum cart subtotal

Cart options

  • Choose whether to apply the discount to the unit price or the total price
  • Show a custom message in the cart to inform users about how much they’re saving with the current order
  • Show dynamic notices in the cart to push users to spend more to benefit from cart discounts or free shipping
  • Choose whether to show the total discount in the cart as itemized or not
  • Customize the cart discount label (enter a custom label or use the cart rule name)

Advanced options

  • Show info about the discount rules applied to the order in the email sent to the admin and the customer
  • Check the rules applied in the order through the specific metabox inside the order detail page
  • Enable the shop manager to manage all the discount rules
  • Integration with our Membership plugin: offer discount and offers only to members
  • Integration with our Badge Management plugin: assign badges to visually promote specific promotions and discounts (Black Friday, BOGO, 3×2, etc.)
  • Integration with our Brand plugin: create discount rules for products of specific brands
  • WPML compatible
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Item Price


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Exact Same Files and 100% Original !

Item Information

Last Update:March 1, 2024
Last update:February 5, 2024

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